Documents Fees

Medical Records

Medical Records must be requested in writing and signed by a parent or guardian. We charge a medical records fee of $25 per person.  We do not charge for vaccination records. 


We fill out school, sports and camp forms, asthma medication school forms and others during your child's office visit free of charge if the request is made at the time of your child’s visit.  If a request to complete a form occurs after your child’s visit, a charge will apply.

Sports Participation Form 

IL School Form

Camp Physical Forms 

Asthma Medication Forms 

School Excuses







From time to time, parents need letters written and signed by the staff or the doctor on the practice's letterhead. Generally, these letters are not templates, thus require time to prepare and write. For such letters, there is a charge of $25.

We will need at least 2-weeks to complete the letter.